Only Diplomats Cast Votes in My Ballot Box - Quin Gee Opens up to Lil Myco

Posted on Jan 09, 2021
By Derrick Passy

A bitter social media fight between two Westnile artists Lil Myco & Quin Gee reached it's climax & Apex point when the cat was suddenly let out of the bag.


Quin Gee who has been masquerading as a Business woman with unknown business premise took the honor of her aggressive moment to reveal where exactly her business spot is further more opening up on the kind of her clients.


Through a Facebook exchange of words in a reply under a comment, Quin Gee opened up saying she's a thigh vendor who's clients are Diplomats (MPs & Ministers) not boys who wear cheap sandals a reason Lil Myco was bounced by her when He requested to cast a vote in her ballot box.


We at are yet to find out how much Lil Myco was willing to offer if surely he approached the business Center.




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