Elton Lover In Panic Over Superior Music

Posted on Nov 04, 2019
By Twicky Bly

The event’s organizers and artists in Nebbi are in a panic as the festive seasons comes with too many events ahead of time.



Elton Lover Boy, West Nile Artiste of the Year, Lango Entertainment Award 2017 is among the panic squad as his Superior Music Festival event falls in the middle of mega-events. Close friends are worried at the rate Elton is getting panic attack by the events coming ahead of his SM Festival.



He was earlier to hold the event in two towns, Paidha and Nebbi but from sources, he had to stick to only hosting it in Nebbi town because Paidha had too many events as well…he then set 13th December 2019 for the Nebbi event.



This Superior Music Festival be held at Jam Vibez Club, Nebbi. Elton places his best promise to give his fans the best entertainment on this day.  

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