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Tasha Banks

60 plays | 19 Downloads

Slow Dancing [Extended]
Slow Dancing [Extended]
Dj Force Wonderz Ft Azawi

67 plays | 69 Downloads

Raa Ma Tin
Raa Ma Tin
Kins Boy ft Kasto Lager

168 plays | 105 Downloads

Raa Ma Tin
Raa Ma Tin
Kasto Lager X Kins Boy

59 plays | 45 Downloads

Kunu Abed Kenda
Kunu Abed Kenda
Red Python Jabila

132 plays | 133 Downloads

Tukore Namani
Tukore Namani
Hon Loya And Kin Peterson

38 plays | 6 Downloads

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Is Bush Boy In A Video Shoot Dilemma?!

Bush Boy is a legendary artist in Alur / West Nile music. One cannot talk about Alur and West Nile music without mentioning his name.   He recently released a new song tiled TIME that has b


Andu Frank Strategizes on Plans of Reviving His Lost Glory

"Once a Soldier, Always a Soldier" Is a phrase that can best be used to Describe Andy Frank, a One Music Asset, Landlord & Jaguar who doubles as the Lead singer & vocalist at his Founded Live Dreams E


Westnile Gospel King Meets Teso Gospel King Once Again

Eastern Uganda's Teso Award Winning & Giant Gospel Artist Prince Geff is currently in Cloud 9 as his Dreams of Breaking through Westnile Region is now next to Possible after hooking up up successful c

Music News

Elton Lover Boy And Moze Stylo Working On A Collaboration

West Nile's award winning Rnb and Zouk artist, Elton Lover Boy is nailing a hot song with Moze Stylo of Calu Pala.   From the artwork seen online, the two are working on a collaboration


Yalo Danz –Jack Nation In Bitter Fight Over Failed Music Video

The latest rumors knocking our door at westnilexpozed indicate that there is a bitter fight between West Nile dancehall artist, Yalo Danz and video director, Jack Nation.   According to the