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Elton: "Artists Must Have Good Working Relationships With Producers"

Elton Loverboy has urged Artistes to have good working relationship with producers in order to produce good quality music for consumptions. Elton raised the concerns as he prepares to release his firs

Artistes Express Mix Reactions Over Untimely Support to Niga Roo

The Alur Artists are mourning the death of renowned music producer, Warom Deo alias Niga Roo High, amidst a heated debate over the adequacy and timeliness of support during his illness.   


Legendary Alur Producer Niga Roo Dies at 35.

Niga Roo, a legendary producer from the Alur music scene, passed away at 35 in Nebbi General Hospital.   Promote Saa Original, who first announced the news on social media, revealed that Ni

Joanitah Sets to Release 'West Nile Girl' Lead Single

Joanitah D Gyal is set to release the lead single from her forthcoming EP, "West Nile Girl."   The first track, titled "Awobi Para," is produced and mastered by Davo Bea

Tas Manager, Jerone Keen Reconciled

The former manager of GT Empire, Tas Manager, and Jerone Keen have reconciled.   Tas announced the reconciliation on his Facebook timeline, offering apologies and stating, "I am sorry