Panga Music Government Sacks Sexy Diva Asha di Muzik Killer

Posted on Jun 09, 2020
By Derrick Passy

Music lovers & Followers across Madi Sub Region & Westnile have today woken up to a shocker news following an announcement regarding the dismissal of a music diva from her Camp.


According to a Facebook post authored by DJ Napz, The Spokesperson of Panga Muzik Government a Pioneer Record Label in Madi Sub Region, The label has decided to chill Working with their 5 Month's old Fast rising Diva Asha Di Muzik killer today after failing to comply with the Government's Rules and regulations.


Much as he wasn't open about the misbehavior acts, the label have wished her is a brilliant career & success in the music industry.


Asha Di Muzik Killer was signed to the camp along side Skillah Baibe, Barbarian Avenue duo who recently parted ways headed by Slaughter man di Panga



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