West Nile Mourns Death Of Ten Children Struck By Lightening [Names]

Posted on Aug 28, 2020
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West Nile is mourning the loss of 10 children who got killed by lightening at a football pitch near Odramacaku trading centre yesterday 27th August 2020.



Police reveals that, these kids got struck by lightening during a heavy rain pour in the eveneing of 27th, when they took shelter in a grass thatched house near the football pitch where they were playing football.



The incident has shocked many, but Police further reveals that, it is becoming a common happening in West Nile region as they have registered many such cases in the same region.



Below are names of the deceased, with 4 survivors still receiving treatments.


The deceased are Andrua Samuel 16yrs, Awia Kennedy 13yrs, Andama Godfrey 13yrs, Bati Gasper 15yrs, Afeku Saviour 13yrs, Edema Jasiri 15yrs, Ocatre Patrick 13yrs, Asite Jordan 11yrs, Apajobo David 12yrs, Tom 13yrs, all male juveniles.


The 4 survivors are; Ayikobua Martin 11yrs from Nyaute village, Munguci Boniface 14yrs from Nyaute village, Adriko Yofasi 14yrs from Gbuluku village and Andama Festo 9yrs from Gbuluku village.


Burial is already ongoing for the ten that died in Arua.


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