I have no time for that excited Village Rat Chaser Dayan who is Seeking Relevancy - LP Shaady bitterly Replies

Posted on Dec 07, 2020
By Derrick Passy

"When I saw the Bogus Post that lacked content & few reactions from this Village rat eating Champion cum Artist pretending to talk about me who is way bigger than him in all Aspects, I was annoyed because he's a boy who begs for offers in Studios. After a while, I realized he is a faded boy with no hit song but trying to seek for relevancy, A game I'll advise him to go & do with his size mates like Prince Henry not me who just came yesterday & now above him because I'm a Messiah who is too big & hard for him to handle" These & more were some of the words Westnile's Controversial Artist LP Shaady Replied to his music comrade Dr Dayan who over the weekend drafted an Open letter through his Facebook account to Lp Shaady asking him (Shaady) to respect them (The likes of Dr Dayan) as Legends of Westnile's music.


While Speaking to us at www.westnilexpozed.com, Verbally annoyed LP Shaady termed Dr Dayan's actions as attention seeking & Idle mind who seemingly is broke because of the Corona Pandemic thus needs a fundraising drive to save him out.


Lp Further described Dr Dayan as a Flopped defeated love child who sings village rhythm songs without lyrical maturity like Love Walele with fake low quality videos unlike him who sing songs for people to dance to & relieve Stress above all living Dayan's Dreams.


"I wonder why all these people want to seek relevancy through me when they know they can't manage me. As for Dr Dayan, He first Approached Jm Kennedy for a beef & he was ignored & now he is attempting me yet I'm busy having shows in D.R.Congo like my brother Lucky Dee also foes. Besides I'm having a collabo with Mun G so tell him; I have no time for him with his local Choir type of songs that even the now faded Gift of Kaddo can not even accept to do a collabo with him" LP Shaady concluded.


With such above unapologetic & uncensored Statements, Our ears are on ground to follow how this will end between the two musical brothers.


Lp Shaady is an Arua City based Artist known for songs like Nakatiff, Onzivu to the Maximum, Karakaca, Koi Koi among others.



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