Dr Dayan Launches Award for His Producers

Posted on Jan 04, 2021
By Derrick Passy

In many cases when an artist makes it big, Many factors need to be considered & Personalities Appreciated for being behind such brains & these include Song writers, Courageous Friends, Financier, Person sent to buy snacks & drinks during the Studio session & of course the Producer who puts in his/her all to ensure Quality output.


Westnile's Musical Doctor & Humanitarian worker Dr Dayan Amandu over the weekend broke the record in westnile for being the first to launch an award that's aiming at Appreciating audio Producers of the hit songs released in his music career.


Through his Facebook account, Dr Dayan who started music in 2009 launched the award that saw him Nominating his top Five Producers.


The Producers include: Easy Pro of Love Walele that was Produced in 2009, Linus Pro of Nyaku'Di Round'Ru Produced in 2010, Ambrose Pro of BoyzQuarter song Produced in 2011, Big Don of Kali Kali Produced in 2013 & Jack P {RIP} of Ma Mvi Produced in 2015.


According to Dr Dayan, The highly voted producer through Facebook comments on his post will wake away with 100,000/- One Hundred Thousand Shillings, Second wil walk away with 70,000/- Seventy Thousand Shillings, Third will walk away with 50,000/- Fifty Thousand Shillings while the Fourth & Fifth will each get 20,000/- Twenty thousand shillings worth of Airtime.


He has since invited his Facebook friends & fans to vote through commenting the name of the Producer they feel worked tirelessly as voting will end on the General election day of 14th January 2021.



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