Fat A Shares Shocking Experience on Devil Worship as He makes a Music come back.

Posted on Mar 30, 2021
By Derrick Passy
The Family of Westnile music will forever live to Thank April 2004 for the birth it gave to Aniku Richard also known as Fat A for his musical birth ignited maturity, edutainment & growth of Ugandan Music especially from Westnile.
Fat A who is remembered for big hits like Onyicha, Efe Embata, Ndito, Zita, Ngoni, Lyfe is Good, Aga Alisi, Lilina featuring Butcherman, Aniniku featuring Bosmic Otim recently left many music followers & lovers in ewe when he suddenly took a break from active singing.
As some took Fat A's silence to being lost to the current music style, Some anticipated his focus lately diverted to Production in his Onzivu based Audio Studio & Construction of his Rental Appartments, Fat A finally Opened up on why he took a Break from active Singing.
Fat A Said, for the fact that fake rumors & false accusations linking him to devil Worshipping became a household topic as a result of his rehearsals in lonely places especially under tree shades, he thought of giving it a break.
As He is currently working on big projects like Maazi, Akua Dale featuring Josh Pro & Mi Maani, Fat A recently released his first come back track Enjo (lies) audio, a story song he sang about people who he referred to as empty containers as they make most noise with little actions.

Download the song here

Enjo By Fat A


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