I Can't Apologize, Go & eat your Mother's Something - Mzee Vuni Vuni Roars

Posted on Jun 20, 2021
By Derrick Passy

With what started as a hot debate in the music industry of Westnile from the beautiful Madi land following the release of mbgurujele after Rubet Rubet, a new song by one exposed legendary & no nonsensed music star Mzee Vuni Vuni over the weekend, A section of music fanatics in the Ma'di subregion have come out to condemn the song based on it's contents & languages used claiming it contains vulgar explicits thus doesn't deserve any play on this Planet.


As always, section of Fanatics supported Mzee's Creativity with much Praises, comparing him to many National & International Stars like Alkaline, Gully Bop from Jamaica & 94 years Giddes Challamanda of Malawi.


While this debate was at it's Peak, www.westnilexpozed.com aligned with Madi based Yetunde Boy's Mc Josh who doubles as Spice Genius's Manager to host Mzee Vuni Vuni on Facebook live so as to understand his side of the Story.


Mzee who is a husband to 9 wives & willing to to add one more to make them 10 with currently 29 children also boasts of Speaking 48 Languages in the world having Over 160 Songs Said, He has never asked anybody to listen to his music on top of Swearing upon his life never at any moment ready to Apologize for the Rubet Rubet & Mbgurujele songs.


"Music is about how you feel & application of Creativity, I can't Apologize to those people who many me to since I didn't force anyone to listen to my songs. It's only here in Madi where people feel bad about other people's hard work unlike when I was in Canada for 24 years, People loved & supported me " - Unapologetic Mzee Vuni said while being interviewed by MC Josh.


As some have started turning their guns on to Producer cum Pastor Ambrose of Liberty Studios for producing the songs, westnilexpozed.com is in touch with him so as to hear his side of the Story.



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