I Can't Refuse Money, Only Dogs can so Stop looking for Cheap Fame - Ambrose Liberty Replies

Posted on Jun 23, 2021
By Derrick Passy

What started over the weekend as a debate over the release of Mbgurujele following an earlier release of one Rubet Rubet, both songs done by Mzee Vuni Vuni termed to be containing Vulgar contents, Many Industry players & fanatics in Ma'di land have had mixed reactions as some turned their guns to the Production Master Ambrose Liberty of Liberty Studios for demeaning his values of being a Church Pastor for such a song over money.


Producer Cum Pastor Ambrose over the week took his time to respond to the claims in a phone call with www.westnilexpozed.com, Clarifying that he only Produced Rubet Rubet NOT Mbgurujele a song he worked on without knowing it's vulgar since he doesn't speak or understand the local Ma'di language further Adding that he's a Pastor on Sundays and in Business world on other days so for that, He couldn't refuse 400,000/= from Mzee Vuni Vuni meant for the production.


"Those who are crucifying me for Producing that song are looking for cheap fame with my name despite being the very people who can't spend 400,000/= like Mzee for production but instead voice on foreign beats. They must know that I'm in business on other days but Pastor on Sundays so I can't refuse money unless I'm a Dog" - Furious Sounding Ambrose Said in a phone conversation with us.


From the look of things, Westnilexpozed.com still has alot of work to do in covering the dramas unfolding in the Entertainment world from Ma'di Sub Region to keep you posted.



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