Most Deejays In Alur Are School Drops With Useless Competition – Dj Rogers Nebbi

Posted on Jul 02, 2021
By Brian Skillz

The race for the turntable seems to be taking a different twist in Nebbi town with one upraising Deejay in town only known as Rogers Nebbi on Facebook already throwing punches left and right.



Rogers says most of the Deejays in Alur land lack classroom knowledge, reasons most of them like fighting like cats and dogs and they have failed to unite to push the industry. Blaming them for the possible missing out of Alur and West Nile Deejays on the government package for the venerable groups affected by the lockdown.  



He poured his tears on his Facebook page; is yet investigating what could have provoked the young rising Deejay to come out of his hide out and throw punches at the old turntable guards.




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