I Miss My EX Girlfriend – Raga Python Still Dying For Kelvin [video]

Posted on Aug 04, 2021
By Brian Skillz

Maracians were sent in shock last night when their son, ex-convict and artist, Raga Python declared his dying love for his ex-Kelvin who landed him in jail.


The west nile music terminator was released a few weeks ago from Isimba Prisons Farm after 7 years in jail for assault.

He was arrested for beating up another man who believed to be bench marking Kelvin's government.



However,  while in Prison, Kelvin got married to another man, leaving Raga Python behind bars.

Python defended Kelvin’s actions saying, even if he was Kelvin, he would not have waiting for someone in jail.

‘I would have also got another woman and move on without her than waiting for someone in prision to come back’ Raga Python.



In the same video, he revealed how much is missing Kelvin’s company.




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