Dj Spin-off Kyle accused of attempting to steal a Smartphone in Oluko falls.

Posted on Aug 04, 2021
By Derrick Passy

Arua must surely be under Lockup not Lockdown in the hands of the city's ever hungry part hyenas.


This can be witnessed as over the weekend, a section of the fiesta hungry youths organized a fun party that successfully took place in Oluko Falls within Arua City however it all didn't go well as a claim of attempted Phone theft was registered on site by one Suspect commonly known as Ravin king Dj Spin-off Kyle.


According to the claims, Dj Spin-off attempted to steal a smartphone of a Madi Born Arua based slay queen after he thought the lady was drunk, Something Dj denied & rubbished.


According to Dj Spin-off, many revellers kept bringing their properties to be safely kept by him since he wasn't swimming including the lady in context however in the middle of the fun, she asked her phone to take some selfies.


"When she returned the phone, I couldn't recall because I was drunk & she returned when others kept handing me their clothes & stuffs, so she later returned asking for her phone, I told her she had not given me the phone after she took. As we kept talking, I then decided to check the phone in my bag & got it then apologized to her, She agreed & it was all fine but I later got surprised to hear guys terming me a thief" Spin-off explained while taking to westnilexpozed.


Dj Spin-off concluded by also denying claims that he was beaten after the phone was recovered in his bag.



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