How Making Money On YouTube Works

Posted on Oct 04, 2021
By Site admin

Making money on YouTube may not be as easy as uploading videos on your channel.

Just because you are good doesn’t mean you will make money.


First you need to have over 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hour watch time on your channel for your channel to become eligible for the YouTube partner program(Monetization)



These numbers do not come easy, it takes time and hard work for them to grow for your channel to be granted monetization. 



Here is how an artiste can earn from his or her YouTube channel after reaching the above requirements and following the YouTube content policy.




Ads will run on your channel by YouTube (you have no control over those ads shown) and the more viewers click on the ads, the more you make money.


However, YouTube does not pay for any ads closed before the recommended above 5 seconds display or forced clicks on the ads by yourself else you will be penalized by YouTube.


YouTube pays around $0.002 (ugx 0.0000005626) per a single click.


This means that, you can earn around $1 (Ugx 3,550) for every 1,000 click views.


Just like any other online business, YouTube deal with numbers, the more views and watch time, the more you can earn.


However, this is not guaranteed, the pay can be less than the above, depending on the quality of the advertisement that YouTube decides to place on your channel.


YouTube charges different ad rates for every geographical location.


Target  Skippable ads because they are more earning than other types of ads.

 Skippable ads are those ads that appear at the beginning of videos. However, you cannot earn a penny from such ads if the viewer of your channel skips the video ad.  


The video content uploaded should be your origin work, and in line with YouTube policy.



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