What Is Riaso Boy Upto?

Posted on Oct 13, 2021
By Brian Skillz

Social media has been a watched with pics of Parombo based artiste Riaso Boy having a great time in the city, Kampala. Leaving many of his loyal fans in suspense and asking questions that can only be answered by our secret cameras.



Westnilebiz had to deploy its drone across the city to capture all the moments of Riaso Boy in the city and give feeds that could answer the a few questions.


Our camera feeds now reveals that, Riaso arrived in the city on 4th October 2021 and since then he has been up and down trying to spread his music to areas he feels could have a few of his potential fans.



He has also met a few of the stalk holders in the industry. He and Mc Rajj Coins of WAN LUO TV were seen at Vision Group on 7th October 2021 talking music and growth before he went on-air.



Since then, the artiste has been seen at different different media houses trying to reach his Kampala fan base.


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