Otim Bosmic Refutes Involvement In The Gun Video Trending Online

Posted on Mar 30, 2022
By Site admin

Northern Uganda's music legend, Otim Bosmic has been trending online ever since the death of Speaker Jacob Oulanyah.


He has been throwing questions over the untimely deaths of prominent leaders from Northern Uganda in Government offices; something that has allegedly landed him in trouble with some big shots in government. 



Afew days ago, the artist came online and informed his fans about his condition, he reported that he was being hunted by unknowns who wants to arrest him; photos later appeared online of him bandaged.


However, before his fans could filter all these, another shocking video emerged online today; in the video, Bosmic is seen holding an AK47 while making hard statements.

After a long day in silence, Bosmic has now come out to refute and distance himself from the video.

Through his Facebook, Bosmic said, the video is fake and was basically edited to frame him.







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