Who Is Lillian, The Sexy Miss Tourism West Nile Contestant From Zombo ?

Posted on Jul 04, 2022
By Brian Skillz

The 7th Edition of Miss Tourism West Nile contest is back and this time around, the queens will be hosted in Moyo for 10 days for the boot camp starting 20th July 2022.



The competition brings together contestants from the 9 districts of West Nile who showcase their beauty with purpose before being chosen to represent the region at the national level.


Zombo has endorsed one Kwiocwiny Lillian to represent the district at the regional contest.



Kwiocwiny Lillian is an Alur from Zombo aged 22years and is pursuing a bachelor's degree in Industrial and fine art at Makerere University.

She is passionate about modeling, dancing, charity work; she is charismatic about leadership and a cheerful person who loves seeing everyone around her happy and prosperous.



Lillian will be fighting her way to the crown come late this month.


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