Rolling Snake In Bitter War With His Management Over Leaking Videos

Posted on Jul 07, 2022
By Brian Skillz

The news of leaked audios and videos from Zombo based rapper, Rolling Snake has become quite rampant ever since the artist penned pen to paper with Mapenzy Management early this year and the management is no longer feeling comfortable with the act.




From a reliable source, there is a boiling war between the management with Rolling Snake; management is blaming the artist for the unprofessional way of handling his work, it said that the artist is aiding the leaking of his work before the planned time.

This came after the video of "Piny Tiye" was released on YouTube by the video director known as Jazim before the management had endorsed its release, something that has added salt into the already wounded Mapenzy.



It is said that, Mapenzy issued the video director a takedown notice of the video from his personal YouTube channel for copyright infringement, however, it was later discovered that, it was in fact Rolling Snake that gave the video director the a go head to upload the video on his personal YouTube channel without consulting his management.



His management is now looking at ways to take him through the contract form once again and teach him about intellectual property and its benefits.







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