Maya Keys to Premier "Dhanu Mi Pacu" Visuals on National TVs

Posted on Jun 02, 2024
By Maas Manus
Maya Keys is set to premiere her latest project, "Dhanu Mi Pachu," on two prominent Ugandan television networks.
Her talent manager, Marcus Stanley, confirms that Maya will appear on NBS's popular entertainment program "After 5" on Wednesday, June 5, 2024. She will be featured alongside hosts Douglas Lwanga, Mc Kats, DJ Rojja, and DJ Mercy. Following this, Maya will appear on UBC's "Horizon Vybz" with Calvin D'Entertainer on Saturday, 8th June 2024.
Artists from the West Nile region have long struggled to gain national and international exposure due to limited access to national media platforms. Marcus Stanley notes that Maya's appearances will serve as a significant motivation and inspiration for other artists from Alur Land.
"Being the first female artist from the greater Nebbi region to appear on these shows, I believe this will inspire not only female artists but also male artists, given that fewer than three artists from our area have had such opportunities," Stanley remarked.
He added, "Truth is we have good music but that doesn't mean we should be confined with our positions at the moment, we still need to work."
Recently, Marcus Stanley attended a national conference in Kampala, which brought together prominent Ugandan icons such as Eddy Kenzo, A Pass, DJ Mercy and others. This event is believed to have facilitated the connections leading to Maya's upcoming television appearances.
Maya Keys will be the second artist from Alur Land to feature on Ugandan national television, following Cuts B, who appeared on NBS (After 5) while working with Team Unstoppable Music.
Alur Land is home to many talented artists, including Elton Loverboy, Bushy Da King, Lucky Dee, Astro Lifa, Starboy Junior, Small Rapper, Rolling Snake, and Miray to mention but a few. However, these artists have yet to receive significant attention from national media platforms to expose their talents. 
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