Pruddy Bæ Claims Sole Responsibility for Promoting West

Posted on Jun 04, 2024
By Maas Manus

Former Pakwach FM presenter Pruddy Bæ told Ugandans on national TV that she alone is shouldering the burden of promoting West Nile music.


Pruddy made these remarks during her appearance on the popular NBS entertainment program, After 5, alongside Man CJ from Gulu, L Vegas, Nature Kid, and Maya Keys.


In response to a question posed by the host, Douglas Lwanga, who asked, "Which other people in the media space have the kind of zeal you have?"


Pruddy replied, "I cannot really tell because right now, I am doing this on my own. I don't work for any radio and [am] doing this for my people."


Dj Rojja Immediately interjected and Douglas then extended the question to Man CJ, inquiring whether local radio stations are playing music from West Nile and Northern Uganda.


"Are the FM stations welcoming your music, playing your music?" Douglas asked.


CJ responded, "Very much! Ah! First of all, I want to thank all the radio stations and even the bloggers and everybody who comes from the greater north that is doing a great job to make sure that our music is being pushed, whether peacefully or forcefully."


Artists from West Nile have long struggled with gaining mainstream media exposure. However, Douglas refuted this notion, asserting that music transcends boundaries and language. He advised the artists to envision a broader future for themselves.


The big “KAUNA” of Alur and parts of West Nile entertainment includes; Uncle Nyax, Hassan Big Brother, Mc Sajj, Rajj MC, Savior Big Daddy Verati the Classic Man, Professor Ken, Bdong Brian including Djz like Dj Jordarn 256, Dj Rojjabwoy, Dj Jax Dj Shiru and other bloggers to mention but a few.


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