Maya Changes Hairstyle After Social Media Criticism

Posted on Jun 05, 2024
By Maas Manus

Maya Keys changed her hairstyle after receiving significant criticism on social media for her previous appearance on national television, where her hair was likened to that of a "village champion."


This morning, Rajj MC, the host of (Wan Luo) "Karwate," recorded an interview with Maya, set to air at 5:00 PM, today, 5, June 2024.


"Don't miss me today at 5 PM on Karwatte with Rajj MC," she wrote on her Facebook timeline.


The team that appeared on NBS TV's "After 5" program yesterday (Maya Keys, Nature Kid, L Vegas and PruddyBæ and Man CJ) sparked mixed reactions on social media for their representations of Alur/West Nile music."


"Mbu NBS didn't post about them, of course. We don't need to be posted to succeed where we were supposed to be before. Alur music must grow 💪," responded the Ande Ngwel hitmaker.


After her appearance on "Karwatte," Maya will be featured on UBC TV and Magic 1 TV this coming Saturday, June 8, 2024.


"Let's meet on Saturday on UBC TV and MAGIC1," posted Mbaro Property.


Maya will appear alongside PruddyBæ on these two national television channels.


Pruddy confirms that, "I will be going with her too, though I will only want to talk about my Saturday event."


Maya is set to headline Pruddy's event at Bununus Cave in Ntinda, Kampala this weekend. Other artists scheduled to perform include L. Vegas, Nature Kid, and Boss Bæ.


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