Lucky Dee, Bosmic Otim Sit On a New Song

Posted on Jun 15, 2024
By Maas Manus

Lucky Dee has teamed up with Lucky Bosmic Otim on a new project titled "Gipir and Labongo."


Early this week, the duo was spotted at Star Studios in Kampala, Uganda, where photos of them quickly spread across social media.


Shortly afterward, Lucky updated his status with the caption "Gipir and Labongo," endorsing the Voice of the West Nilers (Lucky Dee) and the Northern Living Legend (Bosmic Otim) for the titles.


In circulated studio footage, musician-turned-politician Lucky Bosmic Otim chanted "Brotherhood and One Love," emphasizing that the project aims to promote unity among the descendants of Gipir and Labongo, who were brothers who separated bitterly at "Wang Lei" along the Nile River in Pakwach District, with Gipir staying on the west side of the Nile and Labongo moving to the east, vowing never to meet again.


The presidential advisor (Bosmic) also paid tribute to the late artist Muze B, saying, "Beenie Man, Beenie Man, Beenie Man, Rest in Peace."


Manager Prince of Star Studios and the former Manager of the late Muze B aka Bernie Man, acknowledges that "The song 'Gipir and Labongo' is another problem."


Prince says the song is being produced by Twisty Fingers at Star Studios.


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