Joanitah Sets to Release 'West Nile Girl' Lead Single

Posted on Jun 17, 2024
By Maas Manus

Joanitah D Gyal is set to release the lead single from her forthcoming EP, "West Nile Girl."


The first track, titled "Awobi Para," is produced and mastered by Davo Beats, a Washa Records producer based in Hoima City. The song highlights the qualities of an educated, respectable, and beautiful West Nile girl, emphasizing how she can appreciate, respect, and care for her husband.


Joanitah explained, "This song fully represents our beautiful West Nile girls who know how to take care of their husbands. Naturally, West Nile girls are beautiful, charming, respectable, and appreciative, just like our male counterparts."


She continued, "I created this song to encourage our sisters from the region to love their husbands and show gratitude to God for the gift of marriage. Historically, girls were not allowed to acquire education and become influential individuals. We are advocating for change, urging parents to educate their daughters so they can become great wives."


Joanitah added, "An educated woman is a gift to the world because she becomes a 'queen' who stands firm with her 'king' husband. This song describes the true characteristics of a West Nile girl, and every woman around the world can relate to that."


Sources close to Joanitah's camp have confirmed that the song will be released along with a music video, directed by Young Matic. Joanitah is currently working on her debut EP, which will consist of six solid catalogs.


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