Legendary Alur Producer Niga Roo Dies at 35.

Posted on Jun 18, 2024
By Maas Manus

Niga Roo, a legendary producer from the Alur music scene, passed away at 35 in Nebbi General Hospital.


Promote Saa Original, who first announced the news on social media, revealed that Niga Roo had been brought from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) when his condition worsened around 3 PM the previous day.


Promoter Saa Original stated that 'The New Begining' Hitmaker had been suffering from "diabetes".


Mc Onja Boy expressed his condolences, highlighting Niga Roo's impact on the music industry. "Niga Roo changed the industry significantly. He produced many hit songs for artists like Bushy. He will always be remembered."


Bushy Da King referred to Niga Roo as his 'alpha' in music. "He was my Alpha in music. If anyone is going to miss him, it's me. He did a lot for me as both a person and an artist. While I was already known in Kampala, it was Niga Roo who established me in Alur with hits like 'Ker Alur,' 'Number One,' and 'Cheke Mananu,'" Bushy said.


Niga Roo moved to Alur around 2022/3 from his hometown of Bweyale in Kiryandongo district. He made a significant impact on the Alur music scene with his quality productions at Ex Limit Records and Pixels for visuals, working with numerous artists across the West Nile region.


Minayo Toto, a local music Promoter and a neighbor to Niga Roo's former workplace, Ex Limit Records in Opano cell, Abindu Division, Nebbi Municipality, noted that Niga Roo had sold his recording studio.


"He had already sold his studio to a man from Lango," he said.


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