Nebbi, Kla Based Artists Set Eyes on 'Alur Entertainer's Association'.

Posted on Jul 08, 2024
By Maas Manus

A section of performing artists from Greater Nebbi convened a meeting yesterday, Sunday, July 7, 2024, to discuss ways to foster unity among themselves.


The meeting was prompted by the death of a Nebbi-based Audio producer, Niga Roo early last month, which highlighted the lack of cohesion among the artists in both good times and times of need.


Rasta Longe, who chaired the meeting, stated that performing artists have struggled to organize themselves into a supportive entity.


"Often, when we call for meetings, established artists do not attend, thinking they have everything they need. However, during hard times, support from others becomes crucial," Longe said.


"This was evident during the recent passing of our colleague, Niga Roo. We faced significant challenges in mobilizing resources, which was shameful," he added.


As a result, the artists formed an association called Alur Entertainers, which includes performing/ recording artistes, producers, promoters, MCs, managers, and karaoke dancers, among others.


Members agreed to a one-time subscription fee of 10,000 Ugandan shillings and a monthly remitment of 5,000 shillings, along with a weekly savings of 3,000 shillings.


The executive committee of the new association is as follows:

1. Chairperson: Rasta Longe G.1

2. Vice Chairman: Bravo Manano

3. Treasurer: Aloysius Wodpagere

4. Secretary: Bonny NETCOM

5. Vice Secretary: MJ Ken

6. In-Charge of Publicity: Saa Original

7. Spokesperson: Kibula

8. vice Spokesperson: Lady Lala

9. Disciplinary Committee: Bro Kee, Jazzy 128


However, MC Onja Boy expressed dissatisfaction with the new association, arguing that Rasta Longe is already the chairman of the Alur Musicians Association (AMA), which is a more established entity with a constitution but has failed to manage.


"Why has Rasta failed to run the AMA? Instead of revitalizing the AMA, I don't see the need for the new Association. Even the executive members listed do not make sense to me. Count me out; I do not want to be part of it," Onja stated.


Additionally, Rolling Snake, an artist based in Paidha, claimed they were not informed about the meeting and emphasized that they are often sidelined in such initiatives.


Similarly, Kampala based artists organized a meeting pushing for resources mobilization across the Alur Community with a representative in every region.


Wojok Decorda chaired the meeting, he says he expressed mixed reactions over the Association Name (Alur Entertainers Association)


"Let me find out who is running the other association back home, because I still don't know their Agenda. But evidently I have been promoting this Association (AEA) and my lawyer is already working on the Papers." He reacts.


Decorda adds that, they are going to elect their executives in their subsequent meeting


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