10 Secrets Revealed About South Sudan's Young Tycoon Lawrence Lual

Posted on Feb 28, 2019
By Site admin

We have heard this and that about the controversial South Sudanese tycoon but today we reveal secrets you didn’t know about Lawrence Lual Malong Yor Jr aka Young Tycoon.

10 things you didnt know about Young Tycoon Lawrence Lual Malong Jr

1. Young Tycoon real name is Lawrence Lual Malong Yor.

2. Young Tycoon is a stepson of former Chief of Defence Force, Gen Paul Malong.

3. Young Tycoon is not married and has no kids.

4. Young Tycoon doesn’t go to bars despite his selfless spendings and donations.

5. Young Tycoon attended school in Yei and did not go further with education. He dropped out in Primary 6 due to circumstances yet to be identified.

6. He owns 5 mineral refineries for Gold, Silver, Copper Diamonds etc.  Two in Kapoeta, South Sudan, another two in Western Uganda and one in Kenya.

7. Young Tycoon has spent more than 15 million dollars in one year. Spent over 10 millions last year through Charity donation.

8. Young Tycoon doesn’t own a house but lives lavishly in hotels (Serena hotel and local hotels in Kabalagala).

9. Young Tycoon was pardoned by Donald Trump over sanctions after praising Trump in a popular Facebook video.

10. Young Tycoon loves ladies and can do ‘anything’ for your girlfriend, sister  auntie and wife. That’s a common behavior with money bags aka rich men.

Bonus: Young Tycoons net worth is 3.3 billion dollars


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