Nigerian Music Star - Burna Boy Sets Concert Record At Kampala Sheraton Gardens

Posted on Mar 23, 2019
By Site admin

Last night the Nigerian music star Burna Boy was in Uganda for a concert at the Kampala Sheraton Gardens.

As many highly anticipated, the concert, it was indeed a crowd record breaking to the extend that some people had to miss to watch the porformance because the garden became small to hold the huge crowd. 

Gates to the events were closed as many people were stranded at the event trying to find their way into the gardens. By 10pm, there was still a war at the gate as revelers pitched camp outside the exit, entrance and the small gates of Sheraton but they were still denied entrance.

Burna Boy came to the stage when everyone had lost hope. They had assumed that, like other artistes, he was going to be a no-show. At exactly 11:45pm, with only 15 minutes to the end of the concert, Burna Boy showed up on stage.

Setting the crowd wild with a clear indication that he was the only performer they were waiting for.

Burna performed from 11: 45PM to 12:20am when he finally left the stage. 



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