SK Mbuga Deletes His Wife Vivienne From His Socials

Posted on Oct 07, 2019
By Brian Skillz

City businessman and socialite Kabangala Suleiman aka SK Mbuga came back from custody in Sweden a few days ago and we have been trying to follow up his family life since many rumours had it that, his wife Angella Vivienne Chebet had been cheating on him while he was away.


The rumours could be true as Sk Mbuga of late has not mentioned Vivienne 's name anywhere on his statement, in fact, the only woman SK Mbuga talks about is Susan.


Susan is said to be a rich, trustworthy international businesswoman and she is said to be SK Mbuga's new lover. The two are believed to be seeing each other for serious future plans.


On following SK Mbuga’s social handles, we found out that,  Mbuga and Vivienne are at the verge of breaking up as he has deleted all the photos of Vivienne from his social media, mostly Instagram.


SK Mbuga's reason for deleting all Vivienne's photos is not yet so clear but we are speculating that the two are not in good terms since Vivian is the reason Mbuga was arrested.


Mbuga has only left photos of his dog, his son and his cars on his Instagram and he deleted all his photos with Vivienne including their wedding photos. 


His most recent photo has been captioned;

"I'm not a fool, but I pretend to be a fool , in order to fool the fool. And just when the fool thinks I'm a fool , I will expose the fool and show him he is the fool." SK Mbuga

Link : Sk Mbuga Instagram

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