Starboy Jr Thrills Thousands in Mugwalu Again.

Posted on May 27, 2024
By Maas Manus

Starboy Junior has once again thrilled audiences in Mugwalu, DRC with an electrifying performance.


For the second time, Starboy drew thousands of fans to fill the 'Sapologic venue in Mugwalu, Pluto, DRC'.


"We did it again. Alur people all over the world have much love for our music now. Big thank you to my supporters in the DRC, and worldwide" Starboy said.


Last year at the same venue, an unfortunate incident occurred when a fan died during the showtime due to the large crowd.


Starboy shared details of the incident during a radio talk show on Pakwach FM's Friday Dance Force Party, an entertainment program hosted by Verati and Jaw Stewart.


"The hall was full, and the following morning we heard that one of my fans died. The person fell down, and others stepped on him," Starboy recounted.


However, this time the show ended successfully without any such incidents.


Speaking to the promoter, BVS Pro, he noted that every event he holds in the area has always been a success.


"The love for our artists (ALUR) has been tremendous. Whoever I bring here has been a success," BVS stated.


He mentioned that Starboy Junior returned for the second time, and other artists who performed in Mugwalu, DRC included Astro Lifa, Elton Loverboy, Bushy Da King, Lucky Dee, Moze Stylo, Riaso Boy, Lion Man, and Jabila Lutura, among others.


"I haven't stopped because the vibe has to continue," BVS added.

Watch Clips of the Performnaces Hereenlightened


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