Teacher who walked from Kampala to Westnile to save Shea butter now sets off for Nairobi

Posted on Jan 09, 2020
By Derrick Passy
Shea Butter Ambassador Gerima Mustafa kicks off Nairobi walk. He says "The objective of the Kampala-Nairobi walk is therefore to take concerns for saving the Shea nut to United Nations environment program (UNEP) offices which is headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya" He also says it'll be a call on UNEP to flag off a fundraising appeal to raise US dollars 655,000/= that will be used to establish nurseries to raise shea nut seedlings and acquire 7,000 hectares of land to set up a demonstration site for restoration and conservation of the species. The Walk will also be to show solidarity with the Green Belt Movement as a way of remembering and celebrating the sacrifices of the late Professor, Wangari Maathai, towards rebuilding the green wall that got hugely demolished through deforestation. The walking as a campaign will use the media and synergies with various organizations to further disseminate awareness on environmental protection and restoration of the degraded landscape and endangered. These synergies are aimed at rallying the authorities and partners to take a lead in the campaign. ENVISAGED OUTCOME OF THE WALK: 1. Improved knowledge of the people on their roles to protect and restore the green wall ; and adapt to better energy efficient ways for cooking other than charcoal so as to save the endangered species from getting extinct. 2. UNEP embraces the noble cause and becomes takes a key role in saving the species from getting So those who are saying that I don't need to walk any more really missed the motive of my walk and I hope this article will now them to understand better. He's asking everyone to do some thing to save our environment. In case you feel like talking to him directly please don't hesitate to call or text on +256 779 685 635.


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