Twisky Fingaz Might Become The Next Big Boy In Town

Posted on Dec 05, 2022
By Site Admin


Ogenrwoth Denis famously known as Twisky Fingaz  is not a new name to anybody who follows West Nile music, Alur music industry in particular.



Twisky is known as the King of Alur RnB; he introduced love music in Alur and was among the top trending artists in the land with songs like; Love Letter, Wek ebed An, Tim Ira Kisa plus many others.


However, his music to some extent hit a dead rock after falling out with Nebbi based radio station, 88.2 Rainbow Fm around 2015; Rainbow being one of the most powerful mainstream media for Alur music, his music begun to gradually lose ground giving gap for Elton Lover Boy to take over around 2016.  

Since then, Elton music has been more dominant over Twisky’s songs both on air and on ground; something that has greatly affected his career.



However, this website has learnt that, Twisky and the management of Rainbow Fm have finally had a round table talk and two parties have ironed out the issues that they had for years.

Some of the entertainment analysts believe that this was a good move by Twisky Fingaz ; sighting it is going to resurrect his music career and make his music much more powerful like it was before.

They also believe that, Twisky’s booking charge may also hit higher than most of the Alur artists in three months from now; because his demand is definitely going to go up with time.



As westnilexpozed family, we would like to wish Twisky Fingaz a fruitful journey filled with more hit songs.


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