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Posted on Jun 12, 2020
By Site admin

Online bettors are always looking for new ways to place a wager and earn some money. So 1xBet has come up with a fresh, and exciting new games area just for these players. With their usual innovative strategies, they have created a unique games section called 1xGames where the betting public can enjoy the very latest in game titles that are only available there.


When creating 1xGames, 1xBet made sure it took into account all the players’ needs for a one-of-a-kind, fun-filled gambling experience. Variety and uniqueness were at the forefront of their minds which is why there are now over 100 exclusive titles to be played for fun and making money. The games come with a variety of features and themes that will be sure to entice a big audience of players with different betting styles. There are diverse features like rotating reels, table games, sport-inspired games, as well as many more. 


A special highlight for online players at 1xBet is their guaranteed cashback bonus.  Who doesn’t love the idea of a cashback? At 1xGames players have the power over their own destiny.  They get to choose 2 games to play on which they will receive a 3% cashback bonus on all monies spent. Should you bet more than €343 in a month your 3% cashback will be increased to 5% as well. On top of this 1xBet will also choose a game each month, where players will receive a 5% bonus.


In addition to cashbacks, all players love a good jackpot. 1xGames offers daily, weekly and monthly opportunities to further increase money-making chances. These jackpots are triggered randomly and can bring big rewards.


Let’s jump straight into a few examples of what you can find at 1xGames. While there are too many to mention here let’s look at 3 popular titles.


There are not many who won’t remember the all-time favorite game OXO. Noughts and Crosses is a familiar favorite that has now ingeniously been refreshed and brought onto an online format at 1xGames. This is fun at its best.  It comes in the form of a slot style game with reels filled with O and X. All you have to do to get started is place a wager, and off you go.

When you land 3 of the same symbols on any of the three lines or two diagonals, you are a winner and can enjoy a 1.5x multiplier on your bet.  Should you be lucky enough to land 2 noughts with a cross between them (0X0) your bet multiplied by 2.5x.

Avengers Scratch Card

Who is your favorite Avengers superhero? In this unique 1xGames title enjoy the familiar scratchcard game alongside Iron Man, Wonder Woman or even Captain America. Marvel comic lovers will definitely love this game, as well as be familiar with the format, which is the same as all scratchcard games.

Firstly choose how much you want to bet to get 9 cards. By clicking on the cards, or pressing the ‘Reveal It’ button, players will be able to see what they have.  In order to get a win you will need 3 matching symbols in any direction. There are multipliers up to 10 000x.


If guessing and gut feel is your gaming style then 1xCases is a perfect fit for you. Another unique 1xGames title that will have you biting your nails in anticipation of the outcomes.

Within the game there are 7 categories to choose from.  Each one has 8 cases with various prizes. Each case carries its own betting value to be able to open it. The winning amount will also be visible. You can get as much as 5x your original bet. To make it even more exciting you can add an extra 10%, 20%, or 30% to boost your win. This is a pure game of chance and instinct!


To get in on the action and get playing with these and many other top titles, register or log in to 1xBet and go to their unique 1xGames section.  You will not look back.




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