Elvis Pro is a Lazy & Yet Most Talented Audio Producer in Westnile - V Click

Posted on Sep 06, 2020
By Derrick Passy

Unlike before where many claimed one of the factors affecting Westnile music growth has been Unprofessional Producers, These days Westnile Region can boast of having one of the Best Producers in East Africa Making hits that Cross Borders.


Being one of a kind is however uneasy as many Gamblers are in the game too to dilute works of the Professionals.


Per now, One of the Best Audio Producers one will not miss to mention from the Region is One Humble & Jolly Zombo Born, Arua City Based Elvis Pro of DOB Records who has been described as Being the Laziest & yet Most Talented Producer in Westnile by Dancehall Music Assasyn V Click in a Facebook Post.


While talking to www.westnilexpozed.com today, Click defended his Post by saying, Several times he has visited the Studio & finds Elvis watching movies & fails to attend him thus forcing a Reschedule most times, An attitude he feels Should be Changed.


Attempts to reach Elvis Pro for Comments is still in the Pipeline however.



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