Promoter Bob & Martha Lovey In Shock after Being Robbed Millions On Gun Point

Posted on Apr 06, 2021
By Derrick Passy
As Christians worldwide annually celebrate the Death of Jesus Christ on the Cross & His rise on the third day in a weekend dubbed Easter by going to Church, Eating, Drinking, Dancing & having splendid fun, This year's celebration ended in tears for One promising upcoming Producer & Promoter Commonly known as Bob after his hard earned sweat of the night ended in the hands of Robbers.
Promoter Bob who On Easter Sunday organised two shows for Martha Lovey, an upcoming music diva signed to his camp in Imvepi Trading Center during Day time & Okpotani trading Center at Night while talking to today said that; They landed into an ambush of Gang robbers relatively 5 in number who disguised as people in need of a lift help since they had a Ranger Pick-Up Car.
"On our way back after the show at around 3 AM, we met a group of boys who stopped us then asked us to help them with a lift since we had a car to which we accepted on humanity grounds. One of them Entered in front seat & the other four sat behind & we left. Before we could reach the Junction in Otumbari after Okpotani, The one who sat Infront removed a Pistol & had to put the Driver under Gun point while Ordering him to stop which he did, the other four gangstars Jumped down from behind & we were all ordered to handover our phones & the bag containing the money we collected from the shows shortly before they took off" - Says Promoter Bob
Accordingly, Promoter Bob & the Crew later reported the Robbery case in Omugo Police Station where they claimed loss of Five (5) phones & Money close to Two Million Shillings (2,000,000/-) robbed in the due process.
We at condone with Promoter Bob in this moment & ask him to be strong.


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