Media Asked to Cover Positive Stories about their Country as a Ugandan Company Plans to Invest Shs 40 Billion In Housing In Liberia .

Posted on May 20, 2021
By Derrick Passy

Eng Joel Aita of Joadah Consults and chairman of Development Infrastructure (DI) is set to kick start an ambitious housing project in the West African country of Liberia.


"The first of the Many Eco City projects is set to consume a worth of 40 billion Ugandan Shillings for construction of 300 Housing Units" According to Eng Aita who He also said other related projects are expected to follow in the soon to be signed 10 years contract period between Development Infrastructure & Government of Liberia.


Eng Aita also added that the Developments stem from an invitation by Liberia’s vice president Ms Taylor Howard for an exploration visit into the different sectors of Energy, Water and Housing as the country continues its recovery from it's years of civil war.


Eng Aita said; The agreements that are currently in the final stages once signed, will be tripartite in nature in which the Government, DI and a number of banks will partner to ensure low-cost housing estates for the country’s lower class people.


“The advantage they have is that they have a good housing policy in which banks can give you mortgage, like you are paying rent and after eight years, you own the house, so it’s a pay-to-own module, something we have learnt from Liberia that we want to bring back here in Uganda in the stone soup estates”, Aita said.


He said these while addressing a Press Conference with a Delegation from the National Housing Authority of Liberia in Golden Courts Hotel within Arua city today Thursday.


The Liberian delegation is in the country to see some of the projects undertaken by Development Infrastructure and to sort some of the final terms of the contract before resumption of the construction works are undertaken.


Ms Cecilia Cuffy Brown, The Managing Director National Housing Authority who led the Liberian Delegation said the partnership was the best way of doing a ‘brotherly and sisterly’ business and would lead to a win-win situation for both countries since Africans have to learn to be each other's Keeper.


“One of the priorities of the president of the republic of Liberia is to ensure that every Liberian has a place of their own instead of renting, in the past three years, our president has vigorously gone into the villages replacing huts with homes with the very poor people and I think we are on the same path, this will benefit you here economically (profits) and yet he brings services to our people”, Ms Brown said.


She called upon the African peoples living abroad to come home and build their countries asserting that the continent is not a burial ground for people who spend all their lives living abroad and yet want to be buried back home but a continent of brilliant groups of people who should share their brilliance with one another.


“Every time we talk about investors, people think it must be white people but black people can also be investors and can work collaboratively to put their money together to impact different African settings and we can build our own countries”, she further assured.


Mr Henry Clarke, The Deputy Managing Director National Housing Authority of Liberia (Technical), said their team had been amazed with the kind of projects undertaken by Eng Aita in Uganda and are triplicate of such projects will be undertaken in Liberia.


He singled out the earth bag technology whose houses are estimated to last for more than 200 years as one key impressive project that they are keen on as a country.


Eng Aita under his Joadah and DI companies has undertaken multibillion projects in Uganda including Mulago National Referral Hospital, Yumbe Hospital Reconstruction, Arua Main Market Constructions and the Multibillion Arua Hill Stadium Project among others projects in Rwanda, Malawi, Congo and a host of other African countries.


Present too in the Conference was Mr Sunday Etrima, the Chief Executive Officer of Development Infrastructure along side Journalists from different media Houses like The Daily Press Papers, Televisions, Radio Stations & Online Blogs who through The Westnile Press Association President Mr Clement Aluma Thanked Development Infrastructure for always Partnering with the Media & Promised to always work together.



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