Depan Pro Is Not Leaving Us – DCN Recordz

Posted on Jun 27, 2021
By Brian Skillz

Few days back, reports came out indicating departure of Depan Pro with DCN Recordz , claiming the two parties having bitter boils and Depan was opting to quit the Nebbi based recording studio for a new one in the same town.



After days of silence, the management of DCN Recordz has now come out to rubbish the claim saying it is a rumor being spread by their competiotrs who are jealous of their sucesss in the industry. 



Source close to the management of DCN says the studio is in good terms with Depan Pro and the producer (Depan) is actually involved in the ownership of the studio as well. And the news left them wonderig how someone can leave his own business to serve another person?



From the same source, DCN alleges that, Core Records might become a failed project if they don’t change their marketing strategy of spreading fouls news with aims to kill others in the same business space without a small bit of truth in what they give out.  




As, we have learnt that, the introduction of Core Records is exciting many artistes within Nebbi, and they are just excited without any hard feelings.



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