Moze Stylo Turns To God As His New Gospel Song Leaks Unnoticed

Posted on Jul 01, 2021
By Brian Skillz

After releasing his much anticipated video of 'Calu Pala' Alur's RnB singer and song writer Moze Stylo is back in studio to thank God with a new song  'Watching You' 


However, the song has caused war as it gets leaked before the official release…



The management of Core Records –Nebbi is on the spot light for leaking a copy of the song without the knowledge of I.T management. Something that has made Moze with his management unhappy.



It said Justine Khalif, who happens to be the manager of Core Records, is behind the leaking.

Moze stylo is now looking at 'Wuweci' song, the collaboration with Yalo Danz.



The management of Yalo and Moze has agreed to release this collaboration this Friday.


Keep it for your copy.


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