Why Bravo Arrested In Wadelai Pawor And Depan In Hiding

Posted on Jul 10, 2021
By Brian Skillz

The latest landing on our news desk indicates that, the CEO of Nebbi based recording studio, DCN Records, Bravo Manano is being held behind bars at Pawor Police Station in Wadelai.



From the information this website has received, Bravo and the area LC 1 of Pawor Mr Acidiri had a misunderstanding over money.

Bravo with his team from DCN Recordz have been touring the Alur land in the past weeks with a mobile studio to reach out to artistes that are willing to record songs with DCN.



However, today, they run out of luck after Mr Acidiri demanded them to pay some sums of unidentified amount of money before he could offer them working rights in his community. Something Bravo allowed but the LC 1 was impatient with them. He then ordered them to leave or face arrest.

In resistance, Bravo had to exchange words with him landing him behind bars.


Depan Pro and Nelly Kats successfully escaped the arrest nand currently safe.

Artistes within Wadelai Pawor are now in talks with Police and the LC to free Bravo.  


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