Pawor Artiste Arrested For Alleged Defilement

Posted on Sep 24, 2021
By Brian Skillz

The Police in Pawor is holding a popular local area artiste by the names of Mugisa Elfort alias Elfort on allegations of defilement.



A source has revealed to us that, the artiste was arrested today at around 2pm from lodge within the area.

Most people believe he and the 12 year old girl were holding a super League in the lodge before police interrupted the match. 



Shockingly, the girl managed to escape and leave the artiste trapped at the action scene alone.



A prominent area music promoter; Promoter Haziz told this website that, the family of the 12 year old girl had been issuing endless warnigs to this artiste before the arrest but he kept on stealing until he was finally arrested today.




Elfort is currently being held at Pawor Police Station as investigations into the matter has been opened.



The artiste is known for songs like ''An nyoke in''



We shall keep you update with this case file number.

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