List Of Men Rema Namakula Has Ever Dated

Posted on Sep 22, 2019
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Rema Namakula for the past weeks has been the talk of the town ever since she revealed her intentions to leave her long-time hubby Eddy Kenzo. This got many Ugandan men questioning how many men she could have dated before coming into Eddy Kenzo's life.

We managed to get some listings of men Rema has ever shared with....


However, among all the men said to have slept with Rema Namakula before, some are just rumored while as others have been publicly conformed before and now our team of experts compiled the list for you.

Below is the list of all men said to have dated Rema Namakula before:

  1. Eddy Kenzo: This one of very evident as the two have been dating for over 5 years and have a child together, she is the most obvious one to have explored Rema Namakula's garden.
  2. Dr. Hamza Ssebunya: Since the two are already planning to legalize their bonking, it has come to our attention that Rema and gynecologist Hamza started bonking early 2019 and they are still doing so.
  3.  Delivered Julio: Well Known as a member of the B2C Music Group, Delivered Julio has for the past months been linked to being feasting on Rema Namakula's sumbusa even before they released their hit song called "Gutujja."
  4. Ykee Benda: This one came in as a surprise since rumor in the past few months went around that he was the one irrigating Rema's bean when Kenzo always traveled away to his abroad trips and music tours but we are yet to confirm.
  5. Bebe Cool: The Gagamel Boss was said to have been chewing Rema Namakula before she quit his music group years ago immediately after the two release Seaze and Seekle song and that is why he spent so many years without talking to her.
  6. Mathias Walukagga: We believe this is no rumor, Mathias and Walukagga went public with their bonking years ago when Walukagga reportedly came out and demanded back everything he had bought for Rema including a Laptop that she took away to Eddy Kenzo when the two had just started dating.
  7. Producer Diggy Baur: Rema and Baur used to chew each other back in the days when Rema was not a star yet and she was sharing him with Sasha Brighton, the same reason why the two women don't talk and hate each other still upto date.

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