Washington Bow To Pressure, Releases The Original Version Of Lucky Dee’s Leaked Song

Posted on Mar 05, 2022
By Brian Skillz

After hours of tears, Washington has come to Lucky Dee’s rescue with the original copy of the leaked song 'Tulia (Bedi)'



It is alleged that, the song leaked into the public domain without the knowledge of both the audio producer and Lucky.



However, an insider at Lucky Dee’s camp reveals that, the team highly believes the song was released from the source since they themselves never had a copy of it.


Due to the growing pressure, Washington had to contact Lucky Dee today in the morning with the original copy of the song. In the leaked copy, one can hear unbalanced vocals with no much work to sync the vocals with the instrumentals.


Tulia (Bedi) is among the songs on Washington’s Afro Dongo project.


Tulia (Bedi) - Lucky Dee [original]


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