Padyere County MP Hon.Otimgiw Isaac Grilled On National TV

Posted on May 25, 2022
By Site admin

This Wednesday 25th May 2022 has not been a good day for the newly elected Member of Parliament for Padyere County, Hon. Otimgiw Isaac as he faced the grilling of his life from the netizens while appearing on NBS TV during the Morning Breeze program with Kaggwa Njala.


The grilling session all begun when the MP boldly told the viewers of the show that, ''Besigye owns most of the Petro stations in Kampala'' something that the viewers failed to understand and agree to; this statement landed the Hon straight into hell of questions as a number of the viewers went to the twitter handle of NBS TV to roast the MP blue and black as they questioned his knowledge on the affairs of the country.   


Below is some of the grilling the MP went through;