Why Blame Hon. Norbert Mao?

Posted on Jul 24, 2022
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We should not blame Hon Norbert Mao for shifting goal posts; all natural politicians like him have instincts and motivations to be associated with the side of dominant power. He is neither the first nor will he be the last, it is not a matter of Treachery but a matter of who they are naturally. They are always on the qui vive for dominant power.




Dominant power per se can be with either The Ruling party (NRM), opposition parties or 'The People' in an instance of a revolution. Just like democracy is about the clash of ideas where the dominant idea prevails. Natural politicians are susceptible to the clash and dominance of power, they always tend to follow and side with the dominant power.


They will side with the people at the sense of a pending revolution, the ruling party at the prevalence of utmost dominance (Current prevailing), opposition party at the sense of exponential strength to take down the ruling party. The issue has always and will always be about having power. The opinions of the stupid masses have never mattered always.



Today, Uganda has the weakest, most divided, Monetary oriented, sectarian, tribalistic and poorly organized opposition with no clear sense of agenda to take state power from the ruling party. The state of opposition today is unprecedented in the history of Uganda, never have they hit such a low mark. Even the authoritarian leadership of Field Marshal Idi Amin dada had better methodical opposition organizations like the FRONASA movement who performed espionage, sabotage, selective assassinations etcetera at grand scale level to tarnish his credibility.



The contradicting opinions they share to lure the bewildered masses in red, yellow, green or purple doesn't change the policies and ideas they believe in. All politicians are driven by the same policies but only differ in regards to opinions. When they are seeking change, they will always share the varying opinions but not the policies. The basic policies never changes among which is to rule the masses towards a future they are too dump to envision for themselves using a few elites without necessarily considering opinions of the masses.


Take: "The Liberal Democratic theory says that The common interests eludes public opinion entirely and can only be understood and managed by a specialized class of responsible men who are smart enough to figure out things".


In contrast supposedly  "The Marxism-Leninism conception says that A vanguard of revolutionary intellectuals take state power, using popular revolutions as the force that brings them to state power, and then drive the stupid masses toward a future that they're too dump and incompetent to envision for themselves ".



Despite completely different ideologies, both are close and assert that only a small group of elites, the intellectual communities can understand the common interests while eluding the general public completely. The people are exclusively involved in respect to the elites who are inclusively involved.



The elitists have made it so easy to change positions without change. It is just a matter of assessing where power is, or getting in to positions to gain influence and be absorbed by the group in power through terms, which are beneficial to them. The motive is always to be in power, your opinions have never been an issue for them and doesn't matter.



Noam Chomsky says in Media control "In the end, it is about driving the stupid masses towards a world that they are too dumb to understand for themselves, they will always work for the people with real power in the case of no revolution.  If there is any revolution, we will join them to put us in power. It is about the art of knowing where there is real power". The NRM has unquestionable power for now.



We should not blame Hon Mao and opposition politicians, intellectuals joining the Government always; this is because we barely have an opposition with a clear agenda of taking state power. We also don't have a revolution yet. As elitist in politics, they are looking for power. There is no way they see or think it will drift soon, when it starts drifting in a revolution or through a better opposition group. They will come back to where they deem the power is but people should always take note of them.


I have utmost respect for H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni for a few things:


1. The NRM has no moles or spies in its structure whatsoever while all the opposition parties have moles after moles. People who are like pumpkins as Hon Betty Nambooze puts it in the different opposition structures.



2. Museveni’s ability to share his rhetoric to divergent groups of persons should never be underestimated: From the skilled, unskilled, illiterate, literate, young, old is unmatched by the opposition currently. It is the core reason UPC failed to build a following among the young generation.


3. As the Maoist say, "The rifle can create power". Museveni’s ability to do politics without the gun scares me more than his ability to use the rifle. He is shrewd with no complacency whatsoever.


4. Museveni’s faculty to bring all intellectuals using whatsoever means at his disposal is unmatched by the opposition. From Andrew Mwenda, Frank Gashumba, Dr. Ramathan Ggoobi, Rt.Hon Jacob L’okori Oulanyah (RIP), Rt.Hon Anita Among, Rt Hon Thomas Tayebwa, now Norbert Mao etcetera deserves praises.


5. Museveni’s intuition not to underrate anyone, even an unborn Ugandan in his thinking I suppose. He knows that an egg can hatch in to a chick or when boiled, an egg hardens. The problem is most Ugandans underestimate him; the guy kills a fly with Missile.  He knows what 27 guns can do when given time, he also knows what about 80 individuals did in Cuba under Fidel Castro. In alur they say "Jal noo Goyu kicugunu ku nyondo" loosely meaning "he kills small insects with a mallet or hammer".


Che Quevara said  "The unity of the repressive forces must be met with the unity of the popular forces".  The opposition seems to be contradicting that golden view. If this massaging of color continues at the behest of repression of intolerable proportion, the banner of revolution will be raised one day. Nothing is inevitable! It takes the heart of a revolutionary not to change for the dominant side but not the heart of a Natural politician like Mao.


Hon. Emmanuel Urombi   Chairman LCV NEBBI DISTRICT said “wamaku lungu”. I say “umaku lungu kende ungo, umaku onga zoo”.



Eng Jakech Boris Rwothomio


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