Could Quin Gee's Pregnancy be a Result of Rape - Concerned Fan wonders

Posted on Aug 23, 2022
By Derrick Passy

Today was a hot day despite the cold weather from Genius Kingdom headed by music Gem Faida Gloria alias Queen Gee after a Question by a fan about her Pregnancy instantly turned her upside down & inside out forcing her to bitterly lash out at the fan.


Quin who is claimed to be again Pregnant later took it to her Facebook account & asked westnilers to stay in their lane & avoid criss-crossing into matters that doesn't concern them since their they knew her through music as copied below in quotes;


"People of  Westnile you knew me because of my music not because of my family, so  you should leave what belongs to ceaser to ceaser, ask me about my music not my pregnancy cos it's none of your business 🤐🤐🤐"


Following her post,  A Concerned fan & follower quickly inquired if her bitterness about the Pregnancy Inquiries was as a result of her being Raped thus conceiving, a Question we're still waiting for the response.


Quin Gee earlier abused a fan & her mother in addition for asking how her pregnancy is doing,  something that has caused mixed feelings, reactions & Speculations online.


Gee is a famous westnile artist who has kept her relevance & consistency in media & Musically since she joined the Industry with a number of Great songs singing mostly in Ma'di ti & English.



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