Twisky Fingaz Break Silence, Speaks About What Is Happening In Alur Music

Posted on Dec 08, 2022
By Brian Skillz

After many days in silence, Alur's renowned RnB legend, Twisky Fingaz has finally come out to speak about what is happening in the industry.


The artist through his Facebook page posted;


Good morning my people.

I have been reading a lot of posts about events happening in our home ground Nebbi.

But there’s too much bad energy and

Our industry is just at it’s baby stage, some of us are the pioneer and me and you are responsible for all the damages we bring towards our growing industry.

With time we’ll be having two, three or more events on the same day and it’s up to the fans

to take their preferences.

And my pout is;

We could support both events if we have good energy instead of having fights that will damage our growth.

Let’s have some fun today, tomorrow and any other day.

Merry Christmas

Let’s prosper my friends.


#Twisky Fingaz






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