Alur Female Artist, Joanitah D Gyal Reveals Date For Maiden Concert.

Posted on May 28, 2023
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Fresh Alur female artist, Joanitah D Gyal is set to hold her first Maiden Concert dubbed 'Weka' Concert.


According reports, the artist and her management have assigned Saturday 26th August 2023 as date for the concert.  And it will be happening in Masindi District at Bombo Kibibira.


Joanitah unveiled the event during her media Press Conference held at Kolping Hotel in Masindi town. She believes that this concert is going to rekindle other female recording artists and performers. She shows that these moves are to show love for Female Art by Male artists, promoters, Event Managers, leaders, and most notably the fans.




"Our Presenters, Event Managers, and Promoters, I appeal to you to offer us (female artists) fair and free grounds like our counterparts, I believe in you guys a lot and I hope with this concert, you will witness magic performances from the lioness in our industry. I believe we can do this together and make history as we have done before during our counterparts' shows."


In response, most of the personnel around showed positive Vibes towards the #IwekaIkoyo hitmaker's decision to schedule a concert.


A renowned Alur's Comedian from Rich Gang Promotions, Mc, Kabuli, has asked the Media team to not only publicize the concert but also safeguard the concert date.


"Let's promote and defend our sister's Maiden concert. She is one of the most hardworking Females we have. ...why can't we promote and defend her concert? " Kabuli tells while also seconding his performance during the event." If anybody wants to book me to perform in Masindi, it should be after (Aug 26th, 2023.) Joanitah's Concert we must first finish this one, we can do it for another person."


The Albertine's finest MC and a celebrated Radio Presenter #SelectorAlbert says Bombo is the reasonable location for Joanitah and others to go showcase her agility. Selector Albert has organized several victorious events (Vira Mamuwa)  in Bombo.

"My people in Bombo, love Local content so much! Am very sure they will support the daughter of the soil fully!" He says.


Nyakwar Ugwedha Benjamin has challenged Joanitah and her management to make sure they meet the terms and ailments of the Media organizations.


The Rich Gang promotions Boss #RayzoKruzz notes that the next step is to talk to other artists to come and confer their subsidy for this maiden concert. He thinks the few artists that would be selected to grace the stage together with Joanitah, will turn up! since Joanitah has been so supportive in various concerts and Album launches as well. "Joanitah is one of the most humble artists I have ever worked with, I have never had anyone who has called her to Perform in their concerts complaining. I have worked with her during my Beach Party. This is the time I believe the Artistes will have to show her some love too!" Rayzo notes.


In the recent year, it has been a norm for most of the Artistes in Westnile to organize such events to raise funds. They call other Artistes to come and give them support. Recently Riaso Boy organized his Double Trouble Concert of Mar Madiya and Useless, Elton' s Superior Music Festival, Kaga Boy did My Journey Concert, 10 Year's Of Bushy Da King and Among the female, Maya Keys did her Para Kenda Album launch and the list goes on and on.


Joanitah is mostly known for her songs like; Weka, Trumpet, Sukari, Kadumbe, and her latest Iweka Ikoyo plus More...



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