"I Want to Sleep with Young Rider" Video Vixen Opens Up

Posted on Nov 16, 2023
By Maas Manus

The Vixen who starred in Young Rider's official music video "Col Cwiny", has made a bold and unexpected revelation about her desires for the Artiste. She confessed her strong attraction towards the renowned Vora Hitmaker.


This revelation came to light after leaked voice notes surfaced on TikTok, shared by user jazzyorigi256. In these voice notes, the Vixen expressed her insatiable libido for men in the army. However, she made it clear that she usually doesn't have an interest in sleeping with artists. But there was one exception - Young Rider.


Depula Kawawa, the current manager of Young Rider, confirmed that the Vixen was indeed one of the vixens featured in the music video titled "Col Cwiny" which was shot back in 2015 by Signature Films, seven Years ago.


What adds an intriguing twist to this story is the fact that there were two female vixens in the video. This has left fans and onlookers puzzled, trying to decipher which of the two vixens harbors the desire to engage in a romantic encounter with the Pakwach Base vocalist.


Will Young Rider respond to the Vixen's desires? Or will the identity of the other vixen be revealed only time will tell how this tale unfolds, but one thing is for certain - the Vixen's public revelation has certainly added a spicy twist to the world of music and entertainment.


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