Rwoth Denis .O. Francis Coronated as Jagu Madit Kaal Awora Chieftaincy

Posted on Jan 21, 2024
By Derrick Passy

The day of 20th Jan in the leap year of 2024 will forever remain in the history of Awora Clan as the gateway to Independence, Developments and Peace as the New Rwoth (Chief) officially took Oath of Office and Received Instruments of Power.


RWOTH OMWON WOD'AWORA FRANK DENIS FRANCIS RINGULANGU II was coronated in a very colourful royal event witnessed by the people of Awora in Zeu, Alur Kingdom, people from religious, political, civil and social denominations as well as other invited guests including Office of the president represented by the Resident District Commissioner (RDC) of Zombo District.



While delivering his Speech, Coronated Rwoth Denis called upon the people of Awora who are the true definition of the loving Okoro people to live in Peace, Unity and also support the Chiefdom and government development programs that aims at improving their livelihood.


He pledged to work with everybody as fighting against teenage pregnancy and early/forced marriage will be top on his agenda since it leads to health problems, affects education, depression moods and low self-esteem.


In his Speech on behalf of the Alur Kingdom before the Rt.Hon. Jadipu (PRIME MINISTER) KER ALUR KINGDOM who was represented, Mr Kumakech Sam aka Kusaja, The Director for Youth, Information & Sports - Alur Kingdom Congratulated and appreciated Rwoth Omwon Francis Ringulangu II for his great work serving Alur Kingdom in youths, sports and in many other voluntary reliable services before the coronation.



Bushy D' King, A legendary artist utilised his God given talent and the day to officially premier and perform his latest song composed for the new Rwoth of Awora among other traditional and local performers.


Rwoth Omwon Francis Denis Ringulangu II is the C.E.O of Alur United Football Club in Kampala and also The Chief Executive Officer of Alur Cultural Association Ltd organisers of the Prestigious Alur Cultural Festivals, an event that brings together thousands of revellers from within Alur and neighboring tribes with the aim of exposing the culture and heritage of Alur to the world.




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