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By Maas Manus


Chike Navy is an Alur artist, born and raised in 'Got Landi' Village, Nyaravur Town Council, Nebbi District, West Nile Sub Region in Northern Uganda. His real name is Oyirowth.  He is the firstborn of ten siblings comprising three girls and seven boys as the eldest son in his family, Chike assumed the role of caretaker of his siblings, fostering a strong sense of unity and love within the family.

" I took care of almost all my followers, I could cook for them, watch them look after them and so many things I could do for them even at schools," he says.


Coming from a background where his father was a fisherman and his mother a businesswoman, Chike's family frequently relocated in pursuit of livelihood opportunities. This journey led them from Nyaravur to various places, including Panyigoro, Ragem, Panyimur, and presently Pakwach Town, often settling in areas centered around fishing activities.



Chike's education was marked by mobility, attending several schools due to his family's nomadic lifestyle. He enrolled in Nyaravur Primary School and Agwok Primary School all in Nebbi District, St. Aggata Primary School, and Ali Ragem Primary School in Pakwach District, before breaking out of his secondary education in Nyaravur Secondary School at a level of Senior Two.


Despite his transient schooling, he displayed prowess in football, playing positions deep Six and Position Eight until a knee injury halted his athletic pursuits during a district inter-school tournament in 2020.



Following the tradition of many African children, Chike began actively participating in fishing activities at the age of thirteen when he was in Primary Five, primarily utilizing the UGWA fishing method. Since then he has been practicing fishing on the waters of the longest River in the world, River Nile, and Lake Albert, one of the East African Great Valley Lakes.



Chike's musical journey commenced within the confines of his faith, as he showcased his talent as an instrumentalist proficient in playing instrumental commonly known as 'Adungu' by Luo and  Alur People in particular and he also plays drums at his local Protestant church, igniting his passion for music.

"I grew up in a church boy, I was among the choir teams and I could sing but mostly I loved to play Drums and 'Adungu'" Chike Reveals.




Identifying himself as an "AluFlow Master", Chike professionally joined the music scene and recorded his first Single "AMITIMANGO" in April 2021.


While some compare his style to 'Alur Flow Rap Prince,' Astro Lifa, Chike asserts his unique musical identity.

"My flow is different from our "local flow" that most of our Alur Artistes do, I immaculate 'Fik Fameica' that's why you can hear a lot of his influence in my music."  Chike Says.


He entered the first studios in Pakwach Town, collaborating with producers such as M. VANI, KALIPA, and RAILER before he started working with 'Dee Pan Pro' and 'Ramz Kugire' in Nebbi Municipality.



Chike's debut song, "Atimango," resonated deeply with audiences, sharing a personal love story from his own life.


"I am not like other Artists who sing over twenty songs and then, they blow. For me, my first single was greatly welcomed by fans and I believe it's the Song that introduced me to my fans". The ATIMANGO but make declared.


He also emphasizes that his fifth single, "Aveni," further solidified his standing in the Alur music scene, drawing from personal experiences of "separation" from his baby mother in mid-2021.



Despite a brief family separation in 2021, Chike's family reunited in 2022 and now lives harmoniously and happily. He is a proud father to a baby girl named 'Pimer Rare', with 'Ayiyirwoth Beatrice as the mother, hailing from Pukwero Sub County in Pakwach District.



In addition to his musical pursuits, Chike ventured into audio production in 2022, currently working at VB Records in Pakwach Town. He remains committed to both his musical careers of Singing and production and continuing his family's fishing legacy.


Written on Wednesday, 8, May 2024.

This Profile is bound to be edited as it develops.


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